At what temperature does the Firechief® Kitchen Stove Guard cut the power to prevent a cooking fire?

The power will be cut at differing temperatures depending on what is being cooked on the hob - in our test it was cut at 286°C

The Firechief® Kitchen Stove Guard uses an intelligent heat sensor that will continuously monitor the heat from the hob while cooking. This function detects a rapid rise in heat and will disconnect the power supply before dangerous levels are reached while avoiding false alarms.

The system will typically sound a warning pre-alarm at around 240°C depending on the cooking situation and the rate of rise.

Should the temperature continue to rise after the pre-alarm, the power will be cut.

The sensor will also detect if the hob has been left on after cooking and will turn off the power supply.

This means that the Firechief® Kitchen Stove Guard meets standard BS EN 50615.

Under this standard:

  • The stove Guard must be able to cut off the cooker’s electricity supply before the temperature reaches 320°C
  • And for at least 10 minutes after the cut-off, the temperature must not exceed 350°C.
  • A Stove Guard must also be able to disconnect the appliance from the power supply before ignition.

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