Do I really need to have fire safety equipment in my home?

The short answer is yes, here's why...

Fire safety equipment is generally a preventative measure and it can seem like it's not essential, however, accidents and catastrophes do happen. 

No one expects for an accident to happen to them, but in the year ending March 2023, Fire and Rescue Services across the country attended 622,173 incidents (source:

It is remarkable how quickly accidents can happen and fires can take hold, with simple things such as: 

  • a heated pan left unattended 
  • a candle left to burn near a curtain
  • a power socket overloaded
  • a malfunctioning phone left charging on a soft surface

Able to destroy homes and lives. 

Fire safety equipment such as smoke and heat alarms can notify you of danger and allow evacuation or help to arrive while fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets can provide you with options to fight small fires before they get out of hand. 

This equipment not only provides peace of mind but can also have real life-saving benefits. 

We would urge every homeowner, -dweller, -renter, to ensure they have the proper safety measures in place. 

To learn more about the risks and how to be prepared, visit our News and Insights page here, or visit the London Fire Brigade educational website here