How can I protect my family from fire?

Educate your family on the risks of fire and have a plan in place for if the worst does happen

It should be a priority for everyone to know the risks of fire and how to avoid dangerous situations, such as:

  • overloading power sockets,
  • leaving cooking apparatus unattended,
  • lighting candles in unsuitable areas.

Education is key.

There should also be adequate provision for the detection of fire and other risks, including fire alarms, smoke alarms, and CO (carbon monoxide) alarms.

They can raise the alarm and mean the difference between avoiding a disaster and succumbing to one.

Once a threat has been identified, the ability to stop the fire early, if you are confident and able to do so, requires the ownership of fire extinguishers or fire blankets.

They not only provide peace of mind but also provide a very real chance for avoiding disaster.

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Education and practice are essential for keeping children safe from the risk of fire.

They may not always understand the dangers and best course of action in case of fire.

We would suggest:

  • Creating a fire escape plan for every room of the home
  • Communicating the escape plan to everyone
  • When discussing fire and processes, communicating in a clear and factual manner – you don’t want to scare them unnecessarily
  • Agreeing on a safe space to meet in case something was to go wrong – in the garden or at the end of a drive
  • Sharing the risks and best practices around cooking and heating equipment, and candles

You can find out more about best practices and how to keep your family and home safe from fire on the new Firechief® website.