How does the Firechief® Kitchen Stove Guard prevent fires?

The Firechief® Kitchen Stove Guard works by measuring temperatures and learning cooking habits

The Firechief® Kitchen Stove Guard includes two types of heat sensors with unique learning functions. 

It measures:

  • excessive temperatures,
  • rate of temperature change,
  • ambient temperature.

This means it reacts to cooktop fire risk indicators earlier than other cooker safety devices, at which point its control unit cuts off the cooker power supply.

This helps to dramatically reduce the number of accidental house fires.

The device works silently in the background and adjusts its sensitivity level based on the kitchen and the user's cooking style so that false alarms do not disturb the cooking.

The Firechief® Kitchen Stove Guard:

  • monitors and learns the cooking habits of the user
  • uses heat detection instead of smoke detection
  • turns the cooker off before a fire can start
  • uses extremely low energy (1 watt)
  • has a slimline sensor that can be wall or ceiling-mounted 
  • has a 10-year battery life and a 2-year warranty 
  • fulfils the requirements of Stove Guard Standard BS EN 50615

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