What is AVD and how does it work?

AVD stands for Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion

The technical side:

  • AVD is a stable suspension of vermiculite platelets with a D90 of 180 microns (0.18mm).
  • AVD is non-flammable and has excellent insulation properties.
  • It is approximately 17% Vermiculite and 83% water.
  • It has a viscosity of 3000 cPs - generally the same as double cream. 

Properties of AVD symbols

What is Vermiculite? 

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral: aluminium – iron – magnesium – silicate that is mined all over the world.

It is non-flammable and has excellent thermal insulation properties.

It is chemically and physically inert

Vermiculite mineral is exempt from REACH regulations

How does AVD work? 

How does AVD work? Explanation part 1How does AVD work? Explanation part 2

How does AVD work? Explanation part 3

How does AVD work? Explanation part 4

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What are the benefits of AVD?

AVD fire extinguishing medium has a number of key benefits over existing solutions:

• AVD is water-based, therefore, it extinguishes the fire and cools the cells

• AVD is film-forming and creates an oxygen barrier

• AVD encapsulates the fuel source to prevent re-ignition

• AVD electrically insulates -35kV Dielectric test

• AVD prevents the propagation of the fire

• AVD impacts on each element of the fire triangle