What to use on Lithium-ion battery fires?

What to use, and not use, on a Lithium-ion battery fire - a description of water, foam, powder, and AVD products.

Lithium-ion batteries power many of the devices and tools we use every day. So what can you use on Lithium-ion battery fires if one of your devices malfunctions and enters 'thermal runaway'?

Traditional fire extinguishers aren't effective on Lithium-ion battery fires but Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD), is a revolutionary fire extinguishing agent designed to combat Lithium-ion battery fires fast.


When dealing with Lithium-ion battery fires, water-based extinguishers will provide an essential cooling effect, but they are not able to form a thermal barrier around the fire. When you run out of water/foam, you’ve run out of fire-suppressing power.

The battery forms its own flammable gases (including oxygen) and heat and will re-ignite, burning until the cell fully discharges its energy.


Foam is designed to smother with a film on the surface of the fire, but the film will not survive the high temperatures reached in a Li-ion fire. The same applies to Wet Chemical.


Powder is completely ineffective, as it has no cooling effect, and will not cling to vertical surfaces of the cell. Please note that Lithium-ion battery fires are NOT Class D fires.


The Lithium-ion Battery Safety Range contains Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD), a revolutionary fire extinguishing agent designed to stop Li-ion battery fires fast.

Put simply, AVD is Vermiculite particles suspended in water, discharged in a fine mist.

It provides both cooling effects and forms a heat-proof barrier around the burning battery cell to prevent propagation and re-ignition.

Vermiculite has very strong thermal insulation properties and therefore prevents heat transfer from the burning cell to its surroundings. This means the chemical reaction is contained inside a heatproof cell so that external flames can be dealt with by the cooling effect of the water.

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